Breathtaking Norwegian Fjords – Summer flights from £94

We will be visiting the exciting region of Hardangerfjord in the summer, with its dramatic cliffs towering over the fjords, four beautiful waterfalls and glacier hiking activities (yes, you CAN do that in the summer). We will be flying into Bergen, which is a 2/3 hour drive away from the region’s top attractions.

Be sure to not miss one of Norway’s crown jewels: the Trolltunga, one of the most spectacular scenic cliffs in the whole country. It is not an easy hike to do, and should only be done in the summer months, so we refined our search for cheap flights to these months only.

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JUL 6th JUL 19th AUG 16th


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AUG 17th AUG 24th SEP 7th

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The Hardangerfjord region offers travellers a range of activities and adventures like few other places in the world. The region’s unique hikes are not usually straightforward, and it is advised to only try to do them during the summer months. However, it is well worth the effort, as some of the views you will enjoy will accompany you forever.


The Trolltunga Cliff is one of the most impressive in the whole of Norway, being the typical fjord photo you see on the back of brochures and TV commercials. There is nothing like really being there; no photo you have ever seen does justice to the beauty of the place.


The region is also home to four striking waterfalls which are relatively close to each other in Husedalen. You can also go on glacier hiking activities during the summer months. One thing is for certain: a trip to this enchanting Norwegian region is enough for anyone to want to buy a one-way ticket!


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