Taroko Gorge (Taiwan) – Flights from £339

The dramatic landscapes of the Taroko Gorge, in central Taiwan, are not to be missed: set in a sub-tropical climate, the area gives visitors a real sense of adventure: green mountains, waterfalls, hanging bridges and countless tunnels dot the region, along picturesque shrines that you will occasionally encounter.

Loads of tours starting in Taipei will take you to the Taroko Gorge, but if you want to do it your way there are trains from Taipei to Hualien, the closest town to the Gorge. From Hualien you will need to catch a bus that takes you directly to the entrance of the park.

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One of Taiwan’s most beautiful natural gems, the Taroko Gorge is not for everyone. Only explorers and adventurers will thrive in this enormous park filled with breathtaking landscapes. Winding tunnels, hanging bridges and a number of shrines are found here, the most famous one being the Eternal Spring Shrine, built to honour the memory of those who died constructing the highway that crosses the island.



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