Discover Dubai’s hidden gems – Flights from £173!

A theme park inside a shopping mall? A safari in the desert? Did you know that the latest addition to the Dubai skyline is… a giant frame?

We are going to make the most of a great deal we have found on flights £173 return – to explore Dubai’s craziest secrets, as well as take a peek into the past to get a feel of what Dubai was before the skyscrapers.

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We have al heard about Burj Khalifa, artificial islands and some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. So it’s time to dive deeper into Dubai and discover some of its rare gems.

Head to the Dubai Creek, the real – and less known – heart of the city. It was here where Dubai was born, and started growing. The creek played a vital part in what used to be Dubai’s economy: pearl diving and fishing. Nowadays it is an excellent spot for strolling around, taking in the beautiful views, or going for an inexpensive boat ride.


Next, why not head to the Dubai Mall, not necessarily for the shopping, but for indoor waterfalls, theme parks, aquariums and ice rinks. Not to mention an outdoors choreographed fountain to top it all off.

As night falls, why not spend a bit of your travel money on something different? The Vox Outdoor Rooftop Cinema is located on the roof of the Galleria Mall in Jumeirah. Watch a movie under the stars while sipping on your “complimentary” soft drink.


A range of different attractions are available when staying in Dubai. At the Dubai Creek you can ride on a donut-shaped boat while having a BBQ, or at the Zabeel Park visitors can go up the Dubai Frame, the newest addition to the city’s skyline, that features a glass bridge connecting two towers, from which you can enjoy astonishing panoramic views of Dubai. Let’s go!



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