Fly to the US from £183 both ways 🇺🇸

Providence and New York are our destinations today, travellers! If you are flexible with your dates of travel, you will find money lasts a little longer in your pockets. We have found cheap flights departing from London, Edinburgh and Belfast that will definitely get more expensive as weeks go by.

Prices are correct as of 21/07/2018, and may change frequently.

Lowest price example:

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 10.58.10

Belfast – Providence

25th August – 3rd September : £183

1st September – 7th September : £183

20th October – 26th October : £183


Belfast – New York

Tip: On the results page, scroll down to “More providers”, and select Norwegian’s website. Only there will you find the lowest price.

8th September – 14th September: £220

3rd October – 12th October : £220

London – New York

25th December – 8th January : £256

10th January – 19th January : £256

Edinburgh – Providence

20th October – 25th October : £232


  • If looking for alternative things to do in New York, why not head out to Sunset Park, in South Brooklyn, from which you can enjoy spectacular views of Manhattan while avoiding the masses?


  • Edgar Allan Poe ring a bell? Check out the Providence Athenaeum, which is actually a library where the poet dropped by occasionally. However, there was something there other than books that had his full attention…



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