What to see & do in Malta: Best insider tips

We have put together a list of the best things to see and do in Malta, carefully chosen by locals and our team.

One of the first references outsiders get from Malta is a boiling hot country with few sandy beaches. It would be a huge mistake to dismiss it at that.


Valletta’s Old Town


Narrow hilly streets with the sea as a backdrop makes for one of the most charming experiences in Malta. Restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, museums and more can be found while wandering around the Old Town. A personal recommendation is to end your walk overlooking the harbour at Upper Barrakka Gardens; if you’re the adventurous type make your way down to sea level, where you can find paintings on the walls dating back to the II World War.



THE fishing village in Malta. Hundreds of colourful tiny boats rock gently opposite a seafront lined with bars and a daily fish market that attracts people from all around the country. Keep your eye open for the occasional WWII outpost, built by the Briitish to protect the harbour.

Popeye Village


Located in the north of the island, it is actually the set of the 1980 musical “Popeye”. Here, you can try wine, have fun on water trampolines, fill up your camera’s memory or simply wander around in awe. One of the best views of the village can be enjoyed from the cliff next to the entrance, so be sure to check it out before heading down!

Xlendi Bay


The island of Gozo is a good pick if you want to avoid the crowds and feel like a local. In the southwest of the island we came across Xlendi, a small picturesque coastal town where we ended up staying a week. The rectangular-shaped bay is lined with bars and restaurants, and is also the starting point of many hikes and trails with astonishing views.

Blue Lagoon


This could easily fall within the “do” things, but it is such a beautiful area that we think it is a good fit in this section. The stretch of sea between Comino and Cominotto is famously known as the “Blue Lagoon“, and it’s no surprise: warm crystal clear waters invite everyone to take a dip, or even to swim to the island opposite!


Eat a Ftira in Valetta


After exploring the winding streets of Valetta, nothing better than to end up in a typical Maltese restaurant munching on a Ftira, a ring-shaped loaf of bread that can be made with different fillings: tuna, potato, olives, onion… It is a simple but tasty Maltese recipe, and anyone visiting should try it 😋

Mix with locals in Birzebugga beach


One of the few beaches where I felt I was the only tourist there. It’s on the main flight path into Luqa Airport, so if you’re an aviation geek you’ll feel right at home. It’s also next to the port, so there is always plenty going on!

Swim in the inland sea pool in Dwejra


Right next to the site of the fallen Azure Window, in Dwejra, you can swim in an inland pool, and even take boat rides in and out of the caves. A good moment to visit is late afternoon, when the sunset over the cliffs creates a magical moment.

Hit the bars and clubs in Paceville


The most important stretch of bars and nightclubs on the island. Many start the night on board a boat party, and end it at St. George’s Bay in an improvised beach party. In between, pick your favourite bar and while away the hours!


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