Authentic Nepal: Return flights from £356

I would be surprised if a hillier and more charming country than Nepal existed. Out-of-this-world temples, streets and landscapes await anyone adventurous enough to climb into the country. 

Your flight will get into Kathmandu, in itself a wonder to watch and experience: pilgrimage & meditation sites, traditional Nepalese cuisine or rare ceremonies are to be enjoyed here. However, venture out of the capital to experience Himalaya hikes, picturesque mountainside villages and beautiful national parks.

Access the airline’s site from Skyscanner to view any possible discounts or package deals.

✈️ From London

Wednesday 5th – Monday 17th December

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Sunday 2nd December – Wednesday 12th December

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 20.42.42

Bonus: Lukla


Lukla is one of the main points of entry for trekkers and climbers to the Everest. It is also a breathtaking town set on the edge of a mountain: just watching airplanes land can provide entertainment for a full morning. In Lukla we can discover the culture & lifestyle of the people of the High Himalayas and enjoy outdoor activities: the Everest Base Camp Trek has its starting point here.

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