Fly into the Sun: Sri Lanka flights from only £298

Ancient Buddhist ruins, lush rainforest and sandy beaches on the Indian Ocean are what we can expect when we visit Sri Lanka this winer. Oh, and sun, particularly in the southwest of the country.

✈️ From London

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✈️ From Birmingham

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Dubbed by some as the perfect beach destination, Tangalla offers endless stretches of sandy palm-fringed beaches. Finding a tourist can be difficult, unlike bumping into local fishermen or marine turtles coming ashore to lay eggs.

Tangalla lies a 6-hour bus drive away from Colombo, but it is well worth it. Furthermore, from Tangalla you can easily reach the major wildlife reserves of thecountry, so we consider it to be the perfect region for your stay this winter, regardless of the motive of your visit. A warm climate, unbeatable beaches and interesting things to do make Tangalla top of the list!

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