Unwind in Hungary from £102, incl. Weekend Flights + Boutique Hotel in Debrecen

We quite fancy a weekend to relax and switch off in Hungary, taking advantage of Wizz Air’s cheap flights to Debrecen and an excellent value boutique hotel stay.

Admire the views from the tower at the Great Reformed Church, learn about the traditional ways of life in Hungary in the Hortobágyi National Park or take a rowing boat on Lake Vekeri. Ideal for a weekend to unwind, discover local food and wine and step your pace down a notch.

✈️ + 🏨 From London

  • Friday 15th – Sunday 17th March: £114 p.p.

Flights:                                                                                      Hotel:

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  • Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th March: £114 p.p.

Flights:                                                                                       Hotel:

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✈️ + 🏨 From Doncaster

  • Thursday 7th – Sunday 10th February: £102 p.p.

Flights:                                                                                        Hotel:

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  • Thursday 7th – Sunday 10th March: £123 p.p.

Flights:                                                                                        Hotel:

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 16.46.58              Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 17.02.23


Day trip: Eger


An hour and a half drive from Debrecen, Eger is one of Eastern Hungary’s most picturesque towns. Boasting a castle with underground passageways, a Turkish Minaret and plenty of impeccably preserved baroque buildings, Eger makes for an excellent day trip. It is also famous for its wines and thermal baths, that just add to the general experience of coming here.

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