Flights to the Rio Carnival from £555 – Direct w/British Airways!

Featuring Samba Schools Parades, Carnival Balls and street parties, the Rio Carnival is widely considered to be the biggest in the World. Plus, as our flight dates to Rio allow us a few extra days, we will be able to fully enjoy Copacabana Beach, Christ the Redeemer, and everything in between.

What are the dates of the Rio Carnival?

The Rio Carnival will be held this year from Saturday 2nd of March to Saturday 9th March. Just remember, if you are planning to attend a ticketed event like the Sambódromo, snap them up early.

While price of flights to the Carnival are usually sky-high, we were lucky enough to find two sets of dates with reasonable prices. The cheapest direct flights to Rio you can buy at any time of the year are usually around £420, with the most expensive rocketing at £1,500+. So we consider £555 to be a decent price for direct flights to Rio during the Carnival.

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