Unique landscapes & Giant Pandas: Flights to Chengdu from £359

Huang Long boasts one of China’s prettiest natural landscapes. Its famous layered calcium carbonate pools are unique in all of Asia, and among the three finest examples in the World. The mountainous region is covered with a relatively undisturbed forest that is home to the Giant Panda.

➡️ There are reports the Huang Long National Park will be closed until March, 31st. We are not featuring any flights before that date.

➡️ You will fly to Chengdu, which is around 350km from the National Park. Options on travelling between the two are detailed below.

Where will you catch your flight to Chengdu from?

From London

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How to get from Chengdu to Huanglong

There are three main ways to get to Huang Long from Chengdu:

  • Plane. Takes approximately one hour, but unfortunately there are no direct flights until late October, and are expensive anyway.
  • Bus. Catch a bus to Jiuzhaigou, and from there on to Huang Long. You may want to spend a night in Jiuzhaigou, as it is a long trip (6-7 hours). Buses depart from Chadianzi Bus Station or Xin’nanmen Bus Station. You can buy a round trip at these stations.
  • Self-drive. At your own pace, stopping on the way to admire the views.

With kinder temperatures and the park re-opened, May is the perfect time to hop on a flight to Chengdu and visit the surrounding area, including Huang Long.

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