Hidden Oceania: Flights to Palau from £576

21 million harmless transparent jellyfish fill a 12,000 year old lake, accurately accurately named “Jellyfish Lake”. Not far away, ancient coral reefs now form the “Rock Islands“, limestone islets that are the sole reason of many of the visits Palau receives.

A varied, exotic marine life thrive in surrounding waters, making it one of the world’s top snorkelling, diving and kayaking destinations.

Flights allow for a stopover in Taipei, so we actually get to explore two countries that we weren’t planning on visiting at all!

Where will you catch your flight to Palau from?

From London

Jellyfish Lake

Swimming among millions of jellyfish in a saltwater lake in the middle of a jungle-covered island in Palau has to be one of life’s high points for us.

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Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/luxtonnerre/2347771522/in/photolist-4zsWFm-4zsV4h-4zsVum-fSe4kV-fSecV8-4zoFjZ-gjXWSn-9yW7cb-gjXHmU-4zoEGK-4zoFT4-gjWVbh-4zsLpC-4onQhX-gcb6Pn-4zoGDr-4zsMRq-gjWQk7-4orTeo-4zoGoD-4zoGUZ-4zoH7V-gjTG79-gcahup-8KdnFi-fSdGJd-4zu4eL-fNWoSZ-fPdZaq-fNWnTk-fPdYpA-fPdFhU-gjXozL-8Kdnn4-gjUE6F-4orRw7-4zp3tT-gcaXqa-gcaSTe-4ztCJq-4zp86x-gcb4B9-gcawJX-4onMFe-bmpMTF-gjXmgj-bmpNke-bmpMEX-bmpNsv-bmpMZD

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