Cage diving? That’s old. Try riding a shark

Any average human would think that cage diving, or snorkelling with sharks, would provide enough adrenaline rush for one lifetime.

Thinking outside the box, perhaps with a touch of insanity, has its perks.

Experience location

A semi-submersible shark experience means you get to roll, dive and even jump like a shark, inside a watercraft reminiscent of Tintin's submarine.

This unprecedented experience takes place in an unbeatable setting. The Remarkables mountain range acts as a stunning backdrop for Lake Wakatipu, an area brimming with superb nature trails and adventure activities.

Although you won't find any sharks here, the aptly named Seabreacher X is more than capable of out-running even the fastest of its cousins...

Is the Seabreaker X faster that any living creature in the sea?

We have established the Seabreaker can outrun any of its shark cousins, but does it have what it takes to be the underwater king?

We firmly believe there are two types of travellers: those who enjoy speeding through a lake on an ultra-modern watercraft, and those who would take a road trip to stare at a tree.

Going on a one-hour drive just to see a tree may not seem the most fruitful endeavor. The above route will take you from Queenstown to Lake Wanaka, where a most unusual sight awaits: a solitary tree rises majestically from within the lake, making for a stunning sight with the Southern Alps as backdrop.

CC 2.0 - Tom Hall

Whether it's shark riding or staring at trees that gets you going, New Zealand's Otago region has got you covered.

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