COVID-19: Claim a Flight Refund


Due to the unprecedented lockdown of the entire World, millions of travellers have been placed in an -until now- unheard of situation: unable to get their money back on cancelled flights. 

Regardless if you used our services to book your flights or not, you should consider the following options:


Airline policies are changing fast, and what is true today may not be tomorrow.

If your flights have been cancelled, you are entitled to a refund. 

However, it is not always that simple. Knowing about your airline’s policy will let you know how willing they are to issue one.

Source: CheapoAir. Not all airlines are included in the list.


If you have tried to get a refund for a cancelled flight with no joy, we can assist you.

We can state your case to the airline, file an official claim & appeal to regulatory bodies.

We understand these are tough times, so we are only applying our fee (€10 p.p.) if we manage a successful refund.

What if my flight has not been cancelled?

Refunds are much more difficult to come by if your flight has not been cancelled yet.

It is likely you will be offered flexibility, in the form of airline credit or change fees waived, but do not expect a full refund.

If airline credit or a date change works for you, it should not be too difficult to make it happen. Airlines and OTAs are setting up automated processes to encourage travellers to not call in.

However, if you really need a refund, the best bet is to wait until the airline cancels your flight. We are fully expecting the majority of flights in May and June to be cancelled. Once this happens, it will be easier to apply for a refund.