Terms and Conditions


1. My Fare Hunter is formed by a team of experts who search for the lowest prices available for your flights. This is done using various techniques such as: the optimization of flight combinations, frequent flyer programs, fare rules study and more. 
2. When posting an itinerary, client will let us know their requirements and provide My Fare Hunter with a valid price to beat. A valid price to beat is vital for My Fare Hunter to be able to work towards meeting the guarantee. For example, if client wants My Fare Hunter to beat a price for flights including checked luggage, client must provide a valid price they have found for flights with included baggage. 
3. If client provides an invalid price to beat, they will be informed of the three possible scenarios: 1. They provide another valid price. 2. My Fare Hunter searches for the lowest options, and charges the fee regardless. 3. The service is terminated and no fee is charged.  
4. Definition of valid price to beat: link or screenshot of flight prices, which must meet the client’s own requirements. We cannot emphasize  enough the importance of providing a valid price to beat. This will be made clear to client before, during and after the service. 
5. Definition of our guarantee: series of conditions that My Fare Hunter needs to meet in order to charge the fee. These are: providing bookable flights matching the client’s requirements that are lower priced than the valid price to beat. Our suggested flights must be cheaper by more than our fee amount, in order to generate real savings.  
6. My Fare Hunter is not a travel agent. My Fare Hunter does not book any element of the travel itinerary. The service commences when we receive an itinerary from a client, and finishes when we supply a link to bookable flights that clients are happy with.  
7. My Fare Hunter is not responsible for any incorrect information client may provide when booking. The booking process is entirely under client’s responsibility, and any charges or fees that may result of incorrect information supplied by client (eg: mispellings or dates) is not accountable to My Fare Hunter in any way. 
8. My Fare Hunter will refund the fee in the following cases: 1. Guarantee is not met. 2. Expert provided an inacurrate booking link. (In this case the fee is refunded but any cancellation charges or airline fees are not accountable to My Fare Hunter, as client should always double-check times and dates before booking). 3. Prices change just before client books. 
9. Guarantee is still met even if client doesn’t book, providing we have supplied flights that meet the guarantee’s requirements.
10. Since the moment we provide flights that meet the guarantee, client has 24 hours to book until price changes are no longer covered by the guarantee. For example: client supplies a price to beat of 250€. We manage to find flights for 180€. Client was not ready to book, and waits a week. When client comes back after a week, price has risen. Our guarantee is met, because we provided bookable flights that generated savings. However, if price change had taken place within 24 hours of our posting, guarantee would not be met, and our fee instantly refunded. 
11. My Fare Hunter reserves the right to terminate a service at any moment and not accept itineraries posted by clients. Not every itinerary posted by a client will be accepted into our system: in this case, logically no fee will be charged. 
12. My Fare Hunter can, exceptionally, reduce the fee amount in order to generate savings. This is done when we provide savings, but not enough to cover the fee. 
13. Client will be able to leave a tip if they consider their expectations exceeded. 
14. My Fare Hunter is not responsible for any flight delays, cancellations or any other unforeseen circumstances during the trip. In all cases, client must contact OTA (Online Travel Agency), airline or agent they have booked with. 
15. When making use of our services, client agrees to: 1. Fee will be charged if My Fare Hunter meets the guarantee. 2. Client must double check every item of the itinerary before booking. 3. Each request carries a fee: client cannot post two itineraries under the same request. If it is a multi-city trip, that can be done under the same request at an extra fee which client must agree with to continue. 4. Any special requests must be made to the airline directly, before booking. 5. When sending us an itinerary, client must first check it meets their own requirements.


  • My Fare Hunter does not sell any flights, hotels, car hires or holiday packages. This website is to be used as a tool to find the best prices available, and redirects users to the OTAs (Online Travel Agency) where they can make their purchase. We recommend purchasing through websites you trust, as you do so at your own risk.
  • My Fare Hunter is not responsible for any contract you enter with any third-party when making a booking. We strongly recommend reading carefully the Terms & Conditions of any third party with whom you enter a contract.
  • We cannot guarantee the services or products you purchase from third parties through this website will be of satisfactory quality. If this should be the case, you have statutory rights against the third party supplier.

Third – party bookings

  • You agree to the terms and conditions of the third party when making a booking. It is recommendable you carefully review the payments and any surcharges you will be liable to, as you will be the only person responsible for all charges.
  • It is a requirement you are at least 18 years old when making the booking.
  • We hold no liability over any inaccuracy there may be between our description and the services that any third party provides. Third-party websites sometimes change dates, times or any other elements. This is why we emphasize the importance of double and triple checking every element of the booking before going ahead with the payment.


  • Content on our website is always created in line with the truth and with utmost responsibility. However, we cannot guarantee & will not be held liable for any typographic error or inaccurate information, including but not limited to: services descriptions, images, videos, incorrect links and any other type of information. In these cases, our fee will be refunded, but any other charges client has incurred in will not be held accountable to My Fare Hunter, as we do not book any element and always recommend client reads carefully through their itinerary on booking page.
  • At the time of your reading, our content may be out-of-date, even if it is very recent. This is due to the ever-changing nature of travel related prices and conditions. In most cases, it will become clear to you if the conditions have changed (eg. a price difference when clicking on a third-party website), but this will not always be the case. My Fare Hunter accepts no responsibility and disclaims liability for any inaccurate information displayed on our website.


  • We cannot guarantee travel to any destination will be safe and without incident. Certain destinations can involve greater risk than other. We recommend you consult the government’s advice on foreign travel on their website: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice
  • We disclaim liability from any damages or losses encountered when travelling after booking on a third party advertised on our site, and any other travel situation.


  • We may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.
  • We are the intellectual property owners or licensees of the content published on our site, which is protected by international copyright laws.
  • You may only print, copy or download copies of our content if it is for personal reference use, acknowledging us as the authors of the material.
  • We process data in accordance with our Data Protection Policy.